August 2, 2011

Creating the Sopressata

Made a small batch of Sopressata to test the new curing 
I use Cure #2 (sodium nitrate aka pink salt) it is critical in that it prevents the growth of botulism within the sausage. I use a beef bung casing, but you can use hog casings if you wish.  I add coarsley chopped black pepper and red pepper, dextrose, and started culture...since i ran out of culture i used plain yogurt.
You must leave it at about 85 degrees the first day so the 
bacteria can form!
Then if you like to flatten do it on the 2nd day and add to 
chamber at night.


  1. I'm researching using yogurt instead of the commercial starter cultures.

    Did you notice a difference? Was it still acceptable?

    1. I tried it and really didn't see or taste a difference with using yogurt. Let me know how yours comes out Mike!