August 14, 2011


Made Lonzino today! What is Lonzino? Here is the definition...
LonzinoLonzino is a pork loin that has been cured then air dried. It has a delicious tenderness to it, with clean pronounced flavors, possibly to the low amount of fat in each slice. It is the pork version of bresaola (cured air dried beef eye of round). It's a prosciutto without the bone and is cured much faster!

So here are a few pictures. Depending on the weight loss, they should be done within 2 months. 

 Cutting the loin
 Rubbed in spices and cure
 They will stay in the plastic bag for 10 days
After 10-14 days, they will be hung up to dry for about a month in a beef casing to avoid drying out.  

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