August 14, 2011

Fresh cacciatori made on 8-13-11

Hello Folks! I had some leftover meat from some lonzino I made (more about that later) and decided to make a batch of cacciatori. So here are some pictures, in Italy its traditionally made no longer than 7". I cheated on a few just to see how they would come out. Oh well, hey...i'm not from Italy!

Almost all the same ingredients for soppressata except for added fennel, some extra garlic, and pepper. They should be done in about a month since they are so much smaller than the larger soppressata.
I added a couple quick videos too!

 Butts and loins!
 This is pork loin on the bone, I used the loin after fileting for the lonzino, the rest was used in the cacitori and Sundays Sauce aka gravy for you NJ people back home.

                                              <===  bones and meat

They need to cure for a day in 80-90 degree temp in order to activate the cure. 

 Starting to look like a real curing chamber

weighed and tagged!

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