October 27, 2014

Sopressata time!!!

Started out with 8 Lbs (2 packages total) Berkshire pork from Green Valley Farm in Ashford CT

I used 8 Lb's pork shoulder and 2 lbs pork fat. Had to trim the skin from the fat which is saved for ChicharrĂ³nes! 
Heres the mix after the grind on 1/4". I use a little fennel from Italy, crushed red pepper (imported from Italy), pink salt, sea salt, some Grappa, red vino, whole pepper corns, and dextrose...besides the usual starter culture (yogurt, dextrose, and starter mix).

You want to mix gently so the fat stays intact.

Here is the finished sausages, instead of beef bung I used pork casings to make smaller sausages and a quicker cure. 
Now it's time for them to rest in 80 degrees with RH about 70%. I do this for about 20 hrs. 

Sprayed down with Bactoferm Mold 600. Will do this 2 additional times.

Now the wait....should lose 30% of weight...i'm hoping 6-8 weeks with this thinner type sausage!

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