May 16, 2013

Lonzino & Pancetta May 8th

Made a batch of Lonzino & Pancetta and have a new humidifier controller for the pig locker (aka curing chamber). Once they both lose about 33% of the original weight it will be time to mangia! 

Pictures above left and below is from the made on date

May 16th...above left and below. Both cuts feeling firmer. Should be in about 3-5 weeks!


  1. Hi frank
    New to your site..listen.....Honest offer.....would you give personal lessons?? I buy meat, as much as you want, and you teach me?? I live in connecticut and can get meat, the best, whatever you need....I think that can

    You can reach me ay

    Thanks frank..nice work

    1. Hi how's it going and thank you. I make small batches of different charcuterie. I mean i'm not a professional, but enjoy it very much. If you are close I can show you what I do. Where in CT are you?