November 1, 2012

Pancetta time!

Picked up some pork belly a few weeks ago and made some Pancetta! It was hung up in the pig locker on  10/30/12 and will be ready in 2 weeks, I had it cure for 8 days. One with red wine and one without. All kinds of spices! 

Fresh cracked black pepper

 Pork belly curing for 8 days

Rinsing off the spices

I roll both sides in the black pepper

Tied up belly!

Tie as tight as possible! No air pockets!

I tied it so tightly, my fingers have cuts! I did use gloves easier grip and sanitary!

Here they are!

Ready to hang in the pig locker!

Hanging out for 2 weeks

Will be done in 2 weeks. I will freeze most of it!

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